Brandon & Kristin

Brandon & Kristin

Monday, July 02, 2007

Labor & Delivery

After having strong contractions for hours, we headed to the birthing center in Redlands at 5am on Monday morning. I was 5 cm dilated and happy that I was so far along. My labor was long but normal and without complications. Addie’s heart rate was always good whenever the midwife would check it. Brandon was with me the entire time: coaching, cheering, helping, holding me and loving me. We were both exhausted by the time Addie arrived at 4:50 pm.
I had been waiting and waiting for the moment she would appear and be placed upon my chest - to have my little baby close and near me right away. But our little Addie was born without the oxygen she needed. Something had happened in the last minutes of labor that kept her from being born full of life and breath. She received good care from the minute she arrived and through her entire time at the hospital. But there was too much damage to her little organs.
We had been able to see and hold and touch and kiss Addie in the NICU but for the last hour of her life, she was brought to our room and we were allowed to be together as a family. This was a precious gift from God. I was able to hold her close and we were able to hug and be with her in the way we had been waiting – just our little girl in our arms. Her daddy committed her to her Heavenly Father and Jesus took her home. We are so thankful to God for what He did by giving us a beautiful daughter. Addie’s enjoying His Presence and Glory forever. He is so good to us.

We wanted to give you a little more of the story. Thank you all for your deep love and prayers on our behalf. We feel so upheld, and carried by God. And we rest not in our strength but in Him, knowing that your prayers for us in the midst of grief have been deeply answered. We enjoyed a sweet service on Saturday in memory of Addie and in honor of God. He has been gracious in His provision and love to us. Tomorrow, all of our family will be back in their respective homes. But we have great support and friends here in CA that will take over as our family. God's kindness is indeed shown through His people. Please pray for us as we face the coming days and weeks without our little girl. We love you and are so grateful for you. This last week has been so, so hard and sad but also so deep and such sweet days with each other, our family, friends and others. We will continue to record some thoughts and more pictures in the coming weeks. Thank you.


jamie said...

kristin and brandon- thank you so much for sharing with everyone! kristin if you want to talk i'd love it.. i think i gave you my phone number earlier. we went through the same thing leaving the hospital without our son simeon- but knowing that Jesus was holding him and loving him.. i/we can't explain how we felt through that day and the days until now- but whenever i think about that time.. i am just CONFIDENT in our Savior who is Sovereign. and it gives me such a huge rock to stand on and trust Him for everything. It has greatly shaped our lives in an amazing way- so many people have heard simeon's story from all over the world.. and we still share it to this day. most the time when people ask (depending on how much time we have) we always say we have 3 children.. it's an amazing way to share Jesus with people! love you guys a lot! i feel connected to yall even though we haven't seen each other for ages it seems.

Anonymous said...

you guys are an inspiration to me.


Faith said...

Your faith and grace in such a difficult time is incredible. We continue to lift you to Him.
Matt and Faith Higdon

Candy said...

What a precious little angel... so perfect and beautiful! Thank you again for sharing the pics... and your story... and your faith.

Still holding you in prayer,

Kristy Lindsay said...

She was beautiful! What a pretty head of hair and adorable button nose.

You two are amazing! Thanks for sharing pictures and thoughts and the hole experience. You have encouraged my heart.

Y'all have been constantly on our hearts and in our prayers. It's good to know how you are doing as God takes you through this unimaginable journey. Keep posting. We'll keep praying.

I hope you know how much you are loved, missed, and prayed for down here in San Diego.

Dan&Van said...

Brandon and Kristin,
Thank you for sharing your hearts and perspective and for pointing us all toward Jesus. You are walking through this time with incredible grace and faith and in it God is being glorified.

I have been and will keep praying for you as you continue to process.
Much love, Vanessa

Ben & Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing more of the story and more pictures. What an incredible example you both are of trusting God and believing that what He gives you is always His best. We are continuing to pray for you often, as you are continually in our hearts and minds.

EK said...

Kristin and Brandon- I was introduced to your journey through our mutual friend Phoebe (we are together in a mom's group at church) My heart aches for the two of you and your extended family- there are no words to express how sorry I am for the loss of your beautiful little girl- but I take hope in the steadfastness of your faith that though the two of you have been through one of the most difficult seasons of your lives you hold true to what is noble and true and that is Jesus- my best friend Becka and her husband also just lost their daughter only days ago- Little Ezra Faith went to be with Jesus on June 20th, 2007. Oh I ache for the two of you as I do them- but I take heart in knowing that your beloved daughter is in heaven and that you will always be her loving parents- and she loves you!!! thank you for your amazing testimony of faith-

In Christ- your sister,

Rodrigo said...
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