Brandon & Kristin

Brandon & Kristin

Monday, May 21, 2007

35 Weeks (and our friendly moving crew)

This was the crew from ASU that helped us move to Riverside! They were an amazing help! We'd still be in AZ without them. They not only helped us load the truck but they caravanned with us all the way to CA and then helped us unload - once in our apartment and then to our storage unit. They had great attitudes and made the whole thing fun. Thanks to everyone! The other picture is in our new little back patio that Brandon has adorned with all our potted plants from our house. We even planted a tomato plant and some herbs. yum. I'm about a month away from the "due date" and still feeling well. Sleeping has become not quite as fun with achey hips but I can't complain - this pregnancy has been great. We are eagerly awaiting this girl's arrival - she weighs over 5 pounds and it's evident as she moves around inside - trying to find a comfortable position. We'll post some more soon.

Settling In

We are well on our way to official CA residents. We have been here 12 days and already have California tags on our cars, California drivers license coming in the mail, insurance switched, and mostly unpacked. We have been out exploring and have found a few really good places to eat, a really fun place to hike, and a secret avocado grove. Kristin is looking great and feeling great. Her tummy is slowly growing and we are getting anxious to be parents. Please keep us in your prayers as you think of us... that the baby would be healthy and on time and that God would speak to us as to how we should shape this ministry. Also pray that we would be good parents.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tempe 2 Riverside

So this isn't my favorite picture but I've been slow at the blog lately... so we'll take another picture soon (maybe even today!) and post it but I wanted to add something. this picture is from our ASU end-of-the-year luau. It's at least a decent pic of Brandon's new facial hair design(aka trucker stache) and a profile of my ever-growing belly. We love you! Riverside is great - we already have our new CA license plates and we know where a grocery store, Home Depot, Target and Trader Joe's is located. We also know how not to get on the 215 North and to avoid Interstate 91 around any sort of traffic times. The weather is cooler than AZ but we don't know anyone here... yet. We miss our friends in Tempe and are trying to get ready for our baby's arrival. I guess this is getting to be random. I'll tell you more next time!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

32 weeks!

Hello again! My parents came to visit this weekend and we had a great time. They hadn't seen me pregnant since Thanksgiving so they enjoyed the drastic changes since then. They were amazing help, too, since we had lots of projects to do (cleaning, packing and going to fun restaurants). Brandon and I enjoyed every minute of it - we also swam in our pool, took walks and talked about babies. thanks, Mom & Dad!