Brandon & Kristin

Brandon & Kristin

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Large Onion

The little one is officially the size of a large onion. We are not talking about a small onion, a green onion, or even a medium sized onion. We are talking about a LARGE onion!

This whole pregnancy thing sure is an educational experience for a guy. For instance I had no idea that a little baby could be compared to so many different fruits and foods. I have also learned the benefits of squatting during pregnancy to help in child birth. Many things I have learned would probably be inappropriate to share on this here blog.

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Wichmann said...

Hi Guys-FINALLY. We have been waiting for this opportunity to share in your pregnancy. Kristin-you look radiant...its still pretty hard to tell where that onion is hiding. Branden-you know you could compare it to a Christmas bulb or perhaps even a softball...see? it doesnt have to be from the food pyramid:) Keep up the posts.
Love-Amy, Adam, and Jaymison