Brandon & Kristin

Brandon & Kristin

Thursday, January 25, 2007

18 weeks and counting...

The word on the streets is that I'm in the middle of the easiest and most fun part of a pregnancy. And I would agree - it has been fun! I feel good and am excited for all that's ahead. Here's a picture of me by our orange tree in our backyard. I think I look pregnant and Brandon notices my belly more while hugging me; but strangers still might not guess that I'm pregnant. I've been doing a lot of reading lately about pregnancy, labor, exercises - these library books will keep me busy for awhile.

This morning, I read Matthew 2, which tells the story of the magis' visit to Joseph, Mary and Jesus. Some time after their visit, God warns Joseph in a dream to leave for Egypt to escape Herod's killing of young boys. They move to Egypt and then eventually to Nazareth. It doesn't say if they knew anyone or had any family in either location. It encouraged me and reminded me to trust God as we plan on moving to Riverside in May (before the baby). God is indeed the One who will lead and provide for us - all three of us. There is much to wonder and consider and dream about between the lines of the story in Matthew 2. What did Mary think of Joseph and his dream? How their families missed them and wanted them near. Was Joseph scared to lead his family into a new country? How was their marriage affected? And how did Jesus grow up with all those transitions? God led and ruled over it all.

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