Brandon & Kristin

Brandon & Kristin

Monday, September 29, 2008

almost 37 weeks...

Here's a few more pictures. We painted these stripes in one of the corners of the baby room. They match the curtains and we like them although the project took a ridiculous amount of masking tape! I think our little guy will like gazing at them, too. And the picture of me is this past Friday - almost 37 weeks. I feel really good and am counting down the days. Tomorrow would be fine as long as our little boy is big enough! Yesterday, a few friends threw me a baby shower and I was overwhelmed with love and little tiny clothes. I also received a few fun childrens' books and some cute toys. I am thankful for my friends. Lastly, the little yellow-flowering tree was given to us on Addie's birthday this year. We planted it outside our bedroom and the nursery windows. It is so happy in the Riverside heat (yes, it's still hot here). It has been blooming ever since Brandon planted it. It's so pretty. We'll keep you posted in the upcoming and remainder weeks.


Dan&Van said...

You are such a beautiful pregnant woman -- and so tiny still! Can't wait for your little boy to arrive...praying for you!

Jess said...

OH MY GOSH. Your stripes are amazing and perfect!!! Holy cow. That must have taken forever. I'm in awe. Oh. And you're super cute, too.

lauren said...

hey kristin!
i'm praying for you and your little guy as your pregnancy comes to a close! the nursery stripes look awesome, but definitely looks like you used a few rolls of tape...haha! the lemon tree looks so pretty and cheerful...hope you are feeling great!

Leslie Smith said...

I can't believe that he is almost here! I am praying for you and so excited for your little guy to come into the world:) Much Love!

Sandra said...

I'm excited for you both and just prayed for your joy, strength and health in these last weeks befor eyour son arrives. Miss you, and hope to see you sometime in the future,
~Sandy Collin

jamie said...

hey friend! love you praying for you! and yes you are an adorable pregnant girl- my word you are tiny.. i love it. i'm as big as you are and i'm only 16 weeks! :)

Dino said...

Hey guys! Love the artwork! Can't wait to see you guys... maybe...sometime soon...and of course the little mister!!!

Karen & Paul said...

My goodness you have the cutest little bump! Mine is double the size of you both! Thinking about you and praying for you in these last few weeks. Enjoy your time together in anticipation.

The Whites said...

Kristen, you look fantastic! You have a beautiful "baby ball" :) We are so excited for you and Brandon, and can't wait for little Crouch to arrive. Cute stripes, too. Take care.

ATLKrafts said...

Got to your blog from the White's blog. I don't know you but have read through it and am praying for your family and the new little guy.

lauren harman said...

when is this baby going to get here?! i can't wait to see pics of this little one (and here the name)! still praying for a wonderfully easy and healthy delivery!

spartacus21 said...

the strips are beautiful as are you!! the tree is also a wonderful gift I am sure! Hw cool is it that your son can enjoy looking at the tree everyday as can you guys. Praying for God to claim UCR.

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