Brandon & Kristin

Brandon & Kristin

Friday, March 02, 2007

23 weeks!

Here I am again... poolside. I've been feeling great! I have been feeling the little girl inside of me kicking and moving for a couple weeks. But lately, I can feel her all throughout the day. It's so fun to be reminded of her presence by all of her squirms and dances. She weighs just over one pound (so the websites tell us) and her bones are definitely formed enough to remind me she's there. Thanks for praying and checking out our path to parenthood.


Ben & Melissa said...

You look SO great! I absolutely cannot wait to meet your little girl this fall. Praying for you often! Love, Melissa

Phil & Lyla said...

Well I finally figured out how to find your blog. You look great Kristin. A glowing new mom. It seemd like a big jump from 21 to 23 weeks. She must have been busy growing. We are so happy for this new journey in life for you guys. Feel free to call in the middle of the night any time when she is born, I will probably be up too :).