Brandon & Kristin

Brandon & Kristin

Sunday, October 04, 2009

11 1/2 months

Silas is a crazy little almost 1 yr old! We can't believe that his birthday is less than 2 weeks away. We think he is the best little guy in the whole world but I have to admit that he also has quite a large fan club. Here's a bit more about his recent "doings."
He is OBSESSED with cars. It's "ckaa" this and that. and sometimes, it's just plain "ckaa, ckaa, ckaa" (kind of like we say "blah blah blah"). When a car drives by our house, he points to the window and tells us that he noticed with a big fat "CKAA".
He loves dogs and birds and any other animal (we had a lot of fun at the LA County Fair when the sheep liked licking his toes).
He signs "all done" when he's finished eating and applies the principle to other situations. His "all done" sign also looks a lot like his wave good-bye and his waving at the fireplace or stereo (things he's not supposed to touch).
He is learning the art of entertaining guests. When he notices that people are laughing at him, he smiles and also starts laughing loudly.
He isn't walking yet but madly, fastly crawling everywhere. We try to get him to free-stand but he's a little cautious about that, too. This surprises us since he seemed so interested and intent on walking a couple months ago. We'll see what happens.
He gives us the best hugs! Brandon started a long time ago giving him big bear hugs and making a squeezing noise when he's doing it. Silas has started squeezing us and his stuffed animals the same way. It's really cute. He also still tackles his stuffed animals.
Next pictures - birthday cake!


Grandma G said...

Wow, where did that year go?! What a cutie!!

Joanna Kay said...

Happy Birthday Silas. Thanks for playing with me at the kickoff. Mikey and I hope to visit you and your family soon. You are just tooo cute!

Marni said...

wow Kristin, if you look at the second picture down, Silas's eyes are the EXACT same color as yours :) We miss you guys, I can't believe last time I saw you, Silas hadn't even arrived yet.

Karen & Paul said...

Yes Silas! Elliot totally wants to come over to play! Its going to be fantastic the day that those two birthday boys finally meet! The world will never be the same. :) Happy birthday Silas!