Brandon & Kristin

Brandon & Kristin

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July party

So I'm not very savvy on this blog thing... I don't know how to get the pictures next to one another... oh well. We had our first 4th of July party and around 40 people came. It was a lot of fun. Last year, the 4th of July was a sad day and I wasn't too eager to re-live it. Brandon's family always had/have a big bash and since we couldn't be in Kansas this year for the 4th, we decided to have our own. The first picture is of our back patio, ready for the crowd. There's also a picture of me and my good friend, Heather, who is pregnant with her 4th and is due just about the same exact time as me (and we're both having boys). The cake was Addie's birthday cake. My good friend, Amy, came over to our house on the 3rd to make it with me. I wanted to make Addie a birthday cake but wasn't sure I wanted to do it alone. Amy and I share a love of good recipes, yummy food and we've both suffered the loss of a baby. So she made what could have been a difficult night a really good time for the 2 of us. (Thanks, Amy). And the cake was DELICIOUS. We served it with homemade ice cream and it was just nice to have something honoring Addie at our party. Lastly, there's a picture of my best friend and the best husband (who looks like he's having a good time at the party).

Thanks to those of you who prayed us through the week with Addie's birthday and anniversary of her death. It was an intense time and I'm glad we've made it through it. We will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary this weekend. We'll update more soon with a pregnancy picture.


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Damu pa kmu to?.. Nano ni klase blog man?

Lauren Harman said...

hi crouch family! i am glad that you had a nice party and were able to honor addie with all of your friends by your side...have a very happy anniversary this weekend!

jamie said...

that is so awesome kristin! i love it!
love you sister!

carrie kiekhaefer said...

you crouch's make my heart smile. looks like a fun time. thinking of you often and praying with you, especially this past month.

happy happy anniversary! enjoy and celebrate. know that you are loved from appleton.

and btw... kristin, can you email me your address?

The Tousleys said...

Your house looks really cute, Kristin! How fun!

Jessica said...

A kind stranger lead me to your blog. We recently lost a son. It is comforting to see the peace the your experienced during your own loss.