Brandon & Kristin

Brandon & Kristin

Monday, October 01, 2007

Hard News

Again I ask that everyone reading this would join me in prayer for my dad. I just spoke with him this morning and he said that the doctor gave him a 1 in 5 chance of surviving this cancer. As far as the doctors can tell it is a rare form of melanoma. This is very hard news to receive and even harder to wrap our minds around. We know that God is all powerful and that He is the great Healer.

Sometimes this is easier to believe than others, but it is true all the same. Pray again that my family and I would believe that God is a good God and that He is sovereign.


stephseef said...

we have never met, but you guys have become a regular part of my heart as i have prayed for you over the summer. and now, i count it a privilege to pray for your dad. may Jesus be glorified in ALL of it -

steph in wisconsin

Candy said...

I am so glad you two have such strong faith. How else would you deal with all of this? I know God will provide all you need to get through this, no matter which way things go.

But hang onto that 20% chance, and don't give up hope... God is still in the business of miracles! I hope your dad is a fighting guy and doesn't give up the battle. God will work it ALL out in the very best way... that's what He does... always!

My prayers continue for you all....


Sara said...

Trust in the lord and He will help you get through anything. I will add your names to our prayer group in church. Just have Faith.

Tammy Fletcher said...

My prayers are with you both, and I can understand your heavy heart. When I lost my father it was sudden and I had to warning. I wish I would have had just another day to be with him. Live each day with your father to the fullest and make lasting memories.

Megumi said...

Dear Brandon and Kristin,

When we face to hardship, it is hard to believe that God always gives us the best, but at the same time hardship makes us realize Jesus is the only hope we have.

I've been praying for you, Kristin, and I'll pray for your dad, Brandon.

Psalm 116

The Whites said...

We are so sorry to hear this news. We will be praying for you all.